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Watch his hands

Card trick developed by magician after attacks in France.

He did this in front of Penn and Teller on TV.

They just shook their heads in disbelief.


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Shin Lim // A message - YouTube



Marines and Civilian Marines,

The attachment below is a great read and way ahead for our Corps.

Labeled - "Seize the Initiative" - Please take a look and in particular,

open the "list of tasks" the CMC has provided to our Corps' senior leaders.

I like them all but, we can and must play a huge role in the Marine For Life Program as,

it is essential to the Ethos of our Marine Corps League.




Thanks & Semper Fi,

MajGen Mike Regner

US Marine Corps - Transitioned to The Marine Corps League!



Detachments take note:

Should you have need for additional Raffle Tickets for the Department Annual Raffle.

Please Contact: Gena Olson @ 1-718-208-3676 or

Jeff Smith @ 1-315-857-5074 or

the email address at the bottom of the page.

Thank You!

A  firefighter was working on the engine outside the Station, when he noticed a little  girl nearby in a little red wagon with little ladders hung off the sides and a garden  hose tightly coiled in the middle.


The  girl was wearing a Firefighters helmet.


The  wagon was being pulled by her dog and her cat.


The firefighter  walked over to take a closer look.  'That sure  is a nice fire truck,' the firefighter said with admiration.


'Thanks,'  the girl replied. The firefighter  looked a little closer.


The  girl had tied the  wagon to her dog's collar and to the cat's testicles.


'Little  partner,' the firefighter said, 'I don't want to tell you how to run your rig, but  if you were to tie that rope around the cat's collar, I think you could go faster. '


The little  girl replied thoughtfully, 'You're probably right, but then I wouldn't have a siren.'



Semper Fidelis

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